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May 8th Weekly News Summary: We Keep Up With The News So You Don't Have To

May 08, 2020

As we all continue to learn what our “new normal” is and get accustomed to it, there are hundreds of news articles coming out each week and it’s hard to keep up. To help simplify things, we’ll be featuring some of the top news stories every week relating to our industry, and summarizing them for you. We hope this will help you to keep up with the news and how it relates to you.

10 things brands should do in the defining moment of today’s business landscape

Throughout a company’s life, there are bound to be defining moments, and today’s business landscape is no exception. As many brand experts know, regardless of the situation, it’s key to have a finger on the pulse of the audience to understand what the brand’s next steps should be.

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Yes, programmatic OTT advertising can be a real brand experience

Programmatic advertising can be a real brand experience. Just like how CTV and other OTT ad content is served, it will be powered with the perfect blend of known and new bidding, ad selection and audience technology.

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How B2B marketers should think about uncertainty

It wasn’t long ago when everything seemed manageable. We B2B marketers had our plans all worked out. We knew exactly what tactics we were going to use and even had an idea of how many leads they would bring in. That was less than two months ago, although it seemed a world away.

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How much did the cost per click fall in April?

The cost per click fell for many of the top 20 search terms during the past two months, according to data from several search agencies. The cost per click on the top 20 search terms during the past two months fell, for the most part, with some areas declining more than others.

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