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From experiencing Aloe Blacc on the National Mall to watching the fireworks over Nationals Park, IPW never seems to disappoint. Here are our takeaways from this larger than life event.

From Madison Avenue to Wacker Drive grumbles can be heard surrounding the importance or even the need for annual TV Upfronts.  It seems every year we hear the same thing: “TV Upfronts need to change!” but here we are, another year later, talking about Upfronts again.

Sound familiar? Unstructured big data, traditional/digital channels, creative, brand lift studies, attribution - all happen in isolation. A disconnected repository of rich intelligence and the inability to make sense of it all - that’s been the reality and norm in our industry for quite some time now.

At the B2B Marketing Exchange in Scottsdale, AZ February 19th-21st the MBuy team met performance marketers looking to gain insights on how to optimize buying and sales cycles from a B2B perspective. Here are three key takeaways from the event:

Should the term “cable cutting” pose fear for advertisers who traditionally utilize cable TV as their primary advertising channel? The answer for now is no. People aren’t watching less video, they are simply changing where and how they watch them.

Highlights from the Modern Healthcare's 3rd Annual Strategic Marketing Conference where industry leaders discussed trends and best practices in healthcare branding and marketing. 

Highlights from the 3rd Annual Hospital Marketing and Communications Summit where thought leaders from hospital and health systems discussed consumer-centric strategies to gain a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. 

More than 700 travel professionals came together to learn, celebrate and mingle during the annual ESTO Conference. Read about this year's current trends in travel and tourism.

Read some highlights from eTail East to see how brands are using mobile apps, an omni-channel strategy, and data to optimize customer experience in retail.

Lately it has been hard to avoid reading about how important advertising in China is for states and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs).  Yet planning and buying media in China is very different to the countries tourism brands typically buy in, such as the UK, Australia, and Canada.