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Connecting Brand Awareness to Campaign Success: The Case for Digital Video

Most advertising professionals agree that the marketing funnel (while one of the most elementary concepts) is still a relevant tool for campaign success today. By creating brand awareness that is eventually fostered by engagement strategies, the consumer is encouraged to take action. Yet, if you ask most advertising clients what their primary goal is, they’ll say revenue – and rightfully so.  

What Cable Cutters Mean for Advertisers

Should the term “cable cutting” pose fear for advertisers who traditionally utilize cable TV as their primary advertising channel? The answer for now is no. People aren’t watching less video, they are simply changing where and how they watch them. Video on Demand or VOD services such as Hulu, Xfinity, and cable apps have video advertising slots in 15-30-60 second timeslots just as they are on television, allowing for relatively simple cross channel integration.