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MBuzz: Advertising in a Cookie-less Age

With less and less cookie permissions available on popular advertising sites, we dive into solutions for advertisers. As the world continues to venture away from cookies, first party data will become increasingly valuable. The platforms and vendors that own vast amounts of accurate and reliable first party data will see advertisers swarming to their platform. There are other, more creative ways advertisers are circumventing privacy changes, but first party data is the most reliable and consistent way to achieve results. 

Connecting Brand Awareness to Campaign Success: The Case for Digital Video

Most advertising professionals agree that the marketing funnel (while one of the most elementary concepts) is still a relevant tool for campaign success today. By creating brand awareness that is eventually fostered by engagement strategies, the consumer is encouraged to take action. Yet, if you ask most advertising clients what their primary goal is, they’ll say revenue – and rightfully so.  

MBuy's VP of Media Operations, Meghan Grienenberger, discusses the 5 ad tech trends small agencies should embrace with caution

Know Before You Buy: 5 Ad Tech Trends That Small Agencies Should Embrace With Caution

by Meghan Grienenberger for Adotas

When you’re a small agency, you routinely work with limited resources, but clients still expect you to adopt the latest trends to achieve their goals.