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Creative Guidelines

Submitting your creative assets to MBuy?

When developing and submitting your creative assets to MBuy, please ensure you follow the creative guidelines documented in either the digital or traditional guides below. These document includes general specifications as well as creative requirements that will ensure optimal campaign delivery and performance.

Guidelines are available for:

  • Display: HTML 5

  • Display: Image creative

  • Video

  • Social: Facebook

  • Social: Instagram

  • Social: Twitter

  • Social: Pinterest

Traditional Guidelines are available for:

  • Audio Only

  • Audio & Video SD Recommended Settings

  • Audio & Video HD Recommended Settings

All ads submitted must comply with the guidelines and SLAs set out in this document.

If you have any additional questions about creative guidelines or any technical specifications please contact your MBuy account manager or email us at

Co-workers using a laptop and being creative