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Modern Healthcare’s 3rd Annual Strategic Marketing Conference

November 11, 2016

At Modern Healthcare’s 3rd Annual Strategic Marketing Conference on November 9th in Chicago (which MBuy sponsored), marketing executives at Aurora Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island and Vanderbilt University Medical Center shared what works for their organizations when it comes to using digital marketing to drive ROI.

Pop Up Locations

Jeremy Duncan of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island discussed the success they had with a “pop up/everything” location 3 years ago. The location originally offered just sales but has now expanded to include pharmacists, case managers and also functions as a community health center that provides classes on exercise and diet. The key to the success and expansion at these pop up/everything locations was driving engagement with their customers and communities through social media.

Social Media

Jill Austin of Vanderbilt University Medical Center spoke about their initiative to use social media to directly connect with patients and inform better decisions. Through an initiative called “When to go to the ER?” doctors at Vanderbilt’s University Medical Centers used Facebook Live and Google Plus to educate and inform patients on when they should and shouldn’t visit the emergency room. They backed the initiative with a blog that was aimed towards shareability and generating conversation instead of ad tracking.


Anne Martino of Aurora Health Care spoke of the importance of good CRM data. Driving patients into personalized actions could only be possible through usage of robust and consistent CRM.

So…how does this all come together?

MBuy works with organizations like these to help plan, buy and optimize the success of these types of initiatives. From process and outcome measurement to understanding the data and translating it back to ROI, our experts are here to help grow your digital marketing efforts. Ready to learn more? Contact MBuy to learn more.