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MBuzz: Hey Siri? Answering all of your AI questions

April 18, 2022

Fill Me In:

The idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has completely transformed in the past few years. AI is more than Siri and website cookies now, but remains relatively new to the marketing space. Most of us have used variations of AI in marketing, without even realizing it. AI tracks user data and makes quick decisions on what to share with individual users, without disrupting their internet experience. Just how Alexa seamlessly plays your favorite song when you ask, AI marketing curates and generates content that is targeted to the right individuals at the exact moment they will be receptive.

Here are some examples of AI in marketing:

  • Data Analysis
  • Natural Language processing
  • Media Buying
  • Automated Decision Making
  • Content Generation
  • Real Time Personalization

What People Are Saying/What This Means:

AI completely removes the guesswork of customers' actions and instead acts on its own generated intelligence. Any past interaction a user has had on a website factors into the AI’s decision to target them, thus offering deep customer insight and boosts the return on investments. The MetaVerse has expanded their AI efforts to a meta specific Supercomputer, the AI Research SuperCluster. The mere fact that a computer can pull information from a high volume of sources and languages, proves a clear progression of AI development. This level of innovation is unlike any other device or technology and can be leveraged for cutting edge advertisers in the digital space.


Based on the upward spike of AI in our daily digital interactions, we imagine AI can only skyrocket from here. While we may not all be traveling into the metaverse (just yet!), we will only continue to see more AI service across devices. It may not feel the same as Siri’s Chipper voice, but AI is proving to not only be credible in the advertising sphere, but necessary for delivering the best possible user experience. We won’t complain so long as AI keeps serving us ads for products we completely do not need, but will likely still buy anyways.