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Introducing the new MBuy with a fresh new look.

April 13, 2015

by Robert Gibbs, SVP, General Manager, MBuy

At MBuy, we live and breathe the fact that consumers (also known as “people”)  don’t silo their lives, or their brand engagement, in separate media channels. With the increasingly blurred line between online and offline media, consumers live intuitively and sometimes chaotically in an omnichannel state of mind. So here at MBuy we’ve taken this thinking to the next level by introducing a fresh new look that embodies our point of view on the ever-changing media landscape.  Consumers live and think in everychannel and they increasingly expect their relationship with brands to do the same, without disconnect or interruption. As a result, we have seen that advertisers are consistently faced with the challenge of engaging the right audience with the right message at the right time, in the right channel (yes, still!). So we’ve developed a fresh look alongside our true everychannel solutions to help our clients fill this gap in the marketplace.

We’re changing the way the market thinks about omnichannel media planning, audience engagement and media buying – this process has even helped us rethink who we are as a company. We’ve come to recognize ourselves as entrepreneurial, creative, reliable, and collaborative, at and across every level—from our interpersonal relationships to the scalable media solutions we deliver. As part of Mediaocean, we represent almost 50 years of experience as leaders in the media industry, and we know exactly what it takes to achieve successful campaigns across every traditional and digital channel, in every vertical. It not only requires expert teams of strategic media planners and buyers with a passion for creating everychannel experiences, it also requires the best proprietary planning and buying technology in the industry, and a commitment to client service that delivers best-in-class solutions that are in sync with our client partners and their business goals.

So we’ve focused ourselves on investing in our position as the leading everychannel media partner and the only managed service on the largest proprietary tech stack in the world. And we’ve adopted a new brand identity that represents who we are, the current breadth of our services, and everything we aspire to. You’ll gradually begin to see that image reflected throughout our visual style, the language we use, and all of our solutions – and starting today, you can already see our new look across:

Stay tuned for more media innovation to come throughout the year. In the meantime, join me in welcoming the new MBuy.