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Event Highlights: IPW 2017

June 21, 2017

Katie Stadius - Digital Media Supervisor & Helen Wagner Senior Analyst, Strategy & Analytics


From experiencing Aloe Blacc on the National Mall to watching the fireworks over Nationals Park, IPW never seems to disappoint. Here are our takeaways from this larger than life event.

First, the numbers - IPW is massive. There were over 6,400 people at IPW, with more than 110,000 business meetings that should generate at least $4.7 trillion in future travel to the United States. US travel is America’s #1 service export. Additionally, Travel and Tourism has a tremendous impact on the economy. In the US alone, it generates $2.1 trillion in economic output and supports 15 million jobs.

Next the buzzwords - DMO, CVB, TMD, FIT, and FAM tours – say what? A DMO is a Destination Marketing Association, like our client Discover Los Angeles, and similarly a CVB is a Convention and Visitors Bureau. TMDs are Tourism Marketing Districts, or key geographic regions that DMOs focus on to drive visitors. FITs are Free Independent Travelers – leisure travelers who created itineraries outside of a booking service. Additionally, familiarization or FAM tours bring people like tour operators, agents, and media representatives to destinations and attractions to experience them first hand.

A noticeable theme of the US travel industry this year was on accommodation – focusing not just on quality experiences for tourists and travelers, but also on inclusion. Travel and Tourism organizations are developing marketing efforts that assure travelers welcome regardless of background or nationality. In fact, MBuy recently developed a media plan to help Discover Los Angeles and their creative partner Mistress promote their “#EveryoneIsWelcome in Los Angeles” campaign - a love letter to its diverse visitors from over all walks of life. Click here to see the video.   

Lastly, there was a large focus on China and India given their ever-expanding Travel and Tourism economies. While they represent a growing market share for international destinations, the goal was also to market and engage with travelers from China and India. Check out how MBuy drove mobile bookings in China for Discover Los Angeles.

As always, we had a fantastic event and look forward to IPW 2018 in Denver. If we missed you at the event or you would like to learn more about MBuy’s Travel and Tourism success stories, click here, or reach out directly: