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Event Highlights: eTail East

August 30, 2016

This year, MBuy was an exhibitor at the eTail East conference in Boston. The MBuy team had the good fortune of meeting some great people at our booth and throughout the event. 

Mbuy workers attend table at eTail East

eTail East offered many informative sessions on the future of marketing in the retail industry, covering topics such as mobile, omni-channel, data, and customer experience. We wanted to share some of those session highlights with you.


  • Over 50% of retail transactions outside of a store are taking place on mobile.
  • Mobile is the only media seeing continued double digit increases.
  • 54% of transactions take place on an app.
  • On a mobile device, an app offers a better experience than desktop or mobile website pages.
  • More than half of all users return to an app within the first 30 days of downloading it.


  • 4 in 10 transactions take place across multiple devices.
  • Unify your customer data online and offline. Utilize email, phone, devices, and cookies to socially match customer data.
  • Technology is “an enabler for digital cohesion and creative destruction.”
  • RFID chips allow you to understand global inventory. Use RFID chips at an outdoor display ad to geo-target customers and send them info on a product.
  • Omni-channel is NOT providing the same experience in every channel or offering the same products in every channel.

Data and Customer Experience

  • Think big data—have the data inform your decisions.
  • Put the customer first and determine how technology best serves the customer.
  • Invest in customer loyalty and focus on the right customer clustering.
  • Tailor content to the customer—personalization is key.
  • Do not launch a campaign if it cannot be measured. Measure the success of a campaign with:
    • LTV: lifetime value
    • RCV: realized customer value
    • RLV: remaining lift value
    • CLV: customer lifetime value
    • NPS: net promoter score
  • Build a behavioral, data-enriched experience through journey mapping: acquisition, nurturing, conversion, loyalty advocacy.

Are you applying what you’ve learned at eTail East to your product? Learn what MBuy can do for your brand.