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Event Highlights: AdAge Small Agency Conference

August 05, 2016

That’s a wrap for the 2016 AdAge Small Agency Conference! MBuy sponsored the networking breakfast this year, and we were excited to meet, greet, and keep the coffee coming for everyone at the event.

Mbuy sponsors Ad Age breakfast)Mbuy sponsors small agency conference

The team here at MBuy had the pleasure of attending a whole day’s worth of sessions on a number of topics, from starting your first agency to some basic tips and tricks on working in an agency environment. We wanted to share some of those session highlights with you.

Quick Highlights:

  • Trust, transparency and truth are of utmost important in Agency-Client relationships.
  • Culture, people and inspiration build the foundation of a small agency.
  • On best practices for pitches: flawless execution is what it takes. No excuses, no sympathy: it’s about the client.
  • On Project vs. AOR work discussion: Outside collaborations are not that uncommon anymore. agencies are willing to partner for greater opportunities
  • Find your sweet spot. Be really good at what you do, and identify your main strength rather than trying to do everything. Be authentic.
  • Be consistent with what you say, think and what you do.
  • People who love meetings should not be in charge. Meetings should be brief and short.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “You’re two accounts away from your best and worst year.”
  • “Don’t work with strangers. Get to know the people you work with. “

Has the AdAge Small Agency conference inspired you to collaborate more? Learn what MBuy can do for agencies like yours