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CMOs: How to Stop Drowning and Start Controlling Media & Data Confusion

April 07, 2017

“Most marketing conferences I attend are an overload of buzzwords and the confusion gets worse when some conferences choose an industry challenge, and then everyone just talks about ‘it’. No one comes up with an actual solution!”

Sound familiar? Unstructured big data, traditional/digital channels, creative, brand lift studies, attribution - all happen in isolation. A disconnected repository of rich intelligence and the inability to make sense of it all - that’s been the reality and norm in our industry for quite some time now.

This is why at MBuy, we designed an Everychannel Management Platform (The EMP). I know what you are thinking - another reporting platform; exactly what this isn’t!

MBuy’s EMP is a connected Intelligence Monitor and decision maker that operates in real-time; sometimes salvaging entire media plans, and at other times creating business efficiencies brands and agencies didn’t even know existed. The EMP delivers one connected tissue to capture the interaction between your audience, creative, media mix and business results.

Enhancing all good data signals, cleaning the noise and connecting the pieces that go together - we create that seamless, clean and simplified view enabling the transformation of data to decisions.

Why you should care? Because for me, after more than a decade of being in the advertising industry, leading some of the biggest brands with agency media and data science teams – MBuy’s EMP is THE solution to media fragmentation and data challenges we all face as agencies, brands, advertisers and marketers.

So if you are like me and looking for tangible results - give us a shout and we can demonstrate what Connected Intelligence can do for your business. We don’t do fluff because we would be really bad at it! Just clarity and accountability is what you should expect. If you would like to know more, please email us at or call (312) 676-4646.

Neha Misra

VP of Strategy & Analytics, MBuy