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B2B Marketing Exchange Conference

March 06, 2017

B2B Exchange Takeaways - 3 Tips for BtoB Campaign Marketing Success

1.Measure to results and not volume (Such as ‘Likes,’ clicks, etc.)

For B2B marketers, strategy should focus on the business outcome objectives. Large scale brand and product exposure are important, but measurable initiatives and insights must take top priority over basic top-of-mind approaches. Page likes and click through rates are great but make sure you know precisely how this is affecting conversion.

When it comes to measuring social media and online activity, there is not a one-size fits all method, so you need to take into consideration not only the business type but also first and third party data to determine optimal KPIs for a media campaign.

2. Weave KPIs into Content Strategy

Content initiatives must be structured and most importantly given the current technological landscape, content must have strategic KPIs associated with it. Various tracking capabilities allow for performance measurement of content produced, yet a content strategy must remain malleable in an age of constant change. On this notion, KPIs are also flexible as change occurs. The idea is that KPIs can set the context and expectation of measurable insights while avoiding stark rigidity - allowing room for adaptability. 

Make sure to optimize creative by running A/B tests on multiple content and creative assets to determine which is most effective to the campaign’s target audience.

3.Turn Analytics into Actionable Buyer Insights

Leverage data to determine which touches are most affected through your funnel. To start, breakdown the funnel and look at what brings leads into your funnel (first touch attribution), what accelerates them (multi touch attribution), and finally what converts leads through your funnel (last touch attribution). Also, consider how things like content, campaigns, and channels move leads through the funnel. Messaging centered on these various attribution stages paired with measurement at each stage is key to optimal lead nurture and conversion within the context of your company.

MBuy provides media buying and planning on every channel, delivering our clients the ability to target their audience at any stage of the conversion funnel. The path to conversion is often complex and requires multiple touchpoints on multiple channels. Learn more about how we can help navigate these complexities and deliver successful campaigns for your business.