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The digital industry is fast-paced, complex, and can be overwhelming. Check out our Field Guide to Digital Marketing - a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the vast landscape.

The Buzzword Breakdown is a series of posts where we define common industry terms and how they work. Today, we're breaking down cross-device targeting. 

Industry experts from Mediaocean, Omnicom, TBWA Worldwide, Videology, and Furious Corp discuss the current state and future of TV & video convergence, and what it all means for business.

Media convergence is hands-down the most critical, disruptive trend in our industry today.  How can you leverage it to your advantage?

In this video, industry experts at agencies, publishers, and tech companies discuss the trends they're seeing and what we should expect in 2016 - including changes in mobile, convergence, programmatic, and the importance of content.