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Event Highlights: MBuy Thought Leadership Summit

March 21, 2018

From left to right: Ryan Saurer, Nikki Newsome, John Idler, and Aaron Fetters


On Thursday March 8th, MBuy hosted our first Thought Leadership Summit: Building Successful Media Strategies in Today’s Complex Landscape. The event was moderated by Vice President and General Manager of MBuy - Ryan Saurer, and took place at the Ace Hotel Chicago. Featuring a diverse spectrum of panelists from ABC 7 Chicago, Facebook, and comScore, we were incredibly delighted with the turnout and the conversations around media convergence and the future of media strategies. Here are some highlights from our distinguished panelists when asked about what has changed and how they are adapting to change in their space:

Aaron Fetters - Senior Vice President: Marketing Solutions - comScore - “The fundamentals of marketing are still the same, as much change as we’ve had and as much proliferation of ways to reach consumers the fundamental of: ‘I need to have an idea that fundamentally meets a consumers unmet need, and I need to make sure that I reach a broad enough amount of people with that idea, and I need to break through and resonate with that message’ – those fundamentals have not changed. What has changed is the digitization of marketing … it’s proliferation and the layer of data that has been added to everything we do as advertisers.”

John Idler - President & General Manager - ABC 7 Chicago - “Content creation is at the core of what we do, so now we think of that at the periphery of all of the different platforms that we have whether its television, or our social strategy, or our digital strategy. We’ve had to evolve, we’ve had to modernize our newsroom … modernizing that content engine from the traditional model of news to become quicker and more nimble and not necessarily waiting for that four o’clock news casting, but publishing the news now. That’s what our viewers expect from us, and we need to change because that’s what our viewers expect from us."

Nikki Newsome - Global Marketing Solutions - Facebook - “We’re amazed at the growth of Instagram stories. There are more people on Instagram stories than there are on Facebook timeline. At the center and the core it’s really content - and we're telling stories, brands are telling stores, and people are telling stories and at the crux, that’s what Facebook has always been about. And now we’re about bringing communities closer together. With our platform it’s a two way exchange … you can’t find too many platforms in which brands have a green light to have a conversation with consumers because consumers have been trained to say ‘I don’t want any brand advertising.’"

Thanks so much for all of those who participated and if you would like to know more, visit our success stories page, or click here to reach us.

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