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Case Study (Tourism)

Discover Los Angeles - Mobile

MBuy’s mobile-focused campaign for Discover Los Angeles targeted Chinese tourists drove flights and bookings.


Crash course: TV & video convergence

People want a seamless experience in their multi-device world, and advertising must follow. 


Field guide: digital marketing

You’re one click away from the complete guide to digital marketing.


Deep dive: media convergence

Your guide to the converged media landscape.

Case Study (Health)



MBuy partnered with Medi-Weightloss® to run a PPC campaign that increased conversion rates by triple digits.


Crash course: viewability

In a digital world, it's critical that agencies and advertisers ensure their ads are truly seen by consumers.

Case Study (Health)



MBuy's cost-efficient media tactics stretched investment further to create more more impact on the same budget.

Case Study (Tourism)

Discover Los Angeles - LA Performs

MBuy drove hotel bookings and attendance to cultural events 55% above goal for Discover LA.

Case Study (Education)

GEMS World Academy Chicago

MBuy partnered with GEMS to increase Open House RSVPs by 116% through a multimedia approach.

Case Study (Health)

Optima Health


MBuy increased membership by 113% for Optima Health in the 2015-16 open enrollment period.

Case Study (Agency)

MBuy & Media Help


MBuy partners with creative & independent agencies to drive campaign success.

Case Study (Dining)

Moe's Southwest Grill


MBuy partnered with Engauge to drive awareness and grow online orders for Moe’s Southwest Grill.

Case Study (CPG/Retail)



MBuy’s strategy was the primary driver for an 86.7% lift for purchase intent for a leading retail brand.

Case Study (Education)

Higher Education


MBuy drove 10,500 enrollments for a leading higher education institution in California.

Case Study (Automotive)



MBuy's cross-channel approach drove 45% increase in site traffic & consideration for local car dealership.