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Increase student enrollment with MBuy

MBuy for
the education

Meet your recruitment goals by connecting with your ideal prospective students wherever they conduct their searches. Whether they are searching online from their smartphones or see your message on a bus passing by, MBuy puts you in front of the right students at the right time.

We help you

  • Develop effective vertical specific media strategies that will impact student recruitment, increase enrollment numbers, and influence alumni engagement.

  • Expand your applicant pool by identifying new, differentiated markets.

  • Identify the optimal media mix that will promote awareness and magnify your school’s national footprint.

  • Establish devoted students to ensure they stay enrolled and don’t transfer.

See how we help other brands like yours


MBuy partnered with GEMS World Academy – Chicago to increase Open House RSVPs by 116% through a multimedia approach utilizing contextual targeting, remarketing, and Facebook Newsfeed.

Early Education

A leader in early education partnered with MBuy to identify and connect with high-value franchisee prospects.

Higher Education

MBuy drove 10,500 enrollments for a leading higher education institution in California.

Northwestern College

By partnering with MBuy, Northwestern College’s approach increased enrollment by 52% with the same year-over-year budget.