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Deep dive into media convergence

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Today’s advertising industry is changing rapidly. Consumers do not think about “digital” vs. “traditional” in relation to their media consumption; they expect a seamless experience regardless of the device – or medium – used.

Delivering relevant, engaging creative to consumers across channels is increasingly important in influencing purchasing decisions – especially in a time of ad blocking, privacy concerns, and overall greater consumer control over their experiences with advertisements. So, marketers must adapt their strategies and tools to effectively reach the right audiences in the right ways.

  • A brief history of consumption trends
  • An overview of channels and placements
  • Tips for creating strong content
  • How to build a multi-channel campaign
  • Optimizing and analyzing your data to maximize results
  • Major challenges in leveraging media convergence

In an ever-changing media landscape, it’s important to stay on top of your cross-channel media strategy. Our Media Convergence Guide is step one.