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Attract guests and drive orders with MBuy

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MBuy for the dining and entertainment sector

Partner with MBuy to attract guests, promote specials, and grow your brand. Leveraging a deep knowledge of media planning and buying across the entire media spectrum, MBuy helps you determine the optimal media mix to reach the right audiences.

MBuy enables you to

  • Make smarter media buys by day and time

    Attract diners and guests at the right place and time across channels.

  • Hyper-local testing

    Access a wide scope of targeting capabilities on a local or global scale.

  • Implement time-specific creative to promote your QSR menus

    Stay ahead of the curve – quickly advertise changing menu items and promotions.

  • Create visibility and recognition for your quick serve restaurant

    Create visibility and recognition on every channel – from Pinterest to print.

See how we help other brands like yours

Moe's Southwest Grill


MBuy partnered with Engauge to drive awareness and grow online orders for Moe’s Southwest Grill.