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Influence purchase behavior and build brand loyalty

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MBuy for
the CPG

CPG brands are increasingly ramping up their digital spend and driving more ROI from digital channels. MBuy helps you build strong brands that create lasting bonds with consumers and drive higher sales. Create multi-channel campaigns that are relevant and timely to launch new product lines, drive incremental revenue, and build brand loyalty.

We help you

  • Know when consumers buy your product, where they bought it, and when they are going to need it next.

  • Identify your loyal customers and those who represent the best opportunity for you to grow your brand.

  • Use shopper purchase history to target messages to consumers based on purchase preferences.

  • Engage and convert shoppers along the entire path to purchase - from awareness to decision.

See how we help other brands like yours

Fashion Angels

MBuy increased onsite sales in retail stores for Fashion Angels by 52%


MBuy’s strategy was found as the primary driver for an 86.7% lift for purchase intent for a leading retail brand.

MBuy and created a comprehensive strategy to drive qualified consumers to merchant websites using MBuy’s contextual targeting and bidding capabilities.